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Calton Hill Edinburgh
picture of Calton Hill
As seen from Arthur's Seat


view from York Place
looking down Dublin Street Edinburgh
looking down Dublin Street over The Forth

Pyramids in the Mist
3 pyramids built on portobello beach
Portobello Beach 2007

herbarium cabinets
picture of herbarium
Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Maggie's Leap
picture of reflection on water
Newcastle Northern Ireland

Man on Barrel
man sitting on a barrel (public art)
Belfast City Centre

Portobello Beach 2007
picture of people climbing on a pyramid
Getting to grips with the public art

Skara Brae
picture of ancient buildings on Orkney

Portobello Beach
picture of sand and sea

My Reasons for taking photographs


         It helps me reconnect with the sighted world.


         It stimulates my creative imagination in an extraordinary and thought-provoking way. 


         As an activity and process, it is Confidence enhancing


         It sets me new challenges hitherto unimagined. 


         I am challenged to develop barrier-free artwork.  I am challenged to think as an artist. 


         It helps to preserve live moments as vivid and powerful memories.


         It reminds me what the physical world looks like. 


         It introduces me to imagery I have never experienced before E.g. a cityscape, a face or modern design.


         It helps me to engage with the work and ideas of other artists.


         As an artform, it is multifaceted and that is its great appeal.


         It is fun, always revealing, magical, mysterious and never dull!


         As a concept, blind photography is unconventional, so it stimulates debate and new thinking.


         It enables other people to engage with me and my life experience.     



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